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Sunday, April 30, 2006

One more thing-

Tomorrow is May 1st and as I understand it, its a declared day off for many immigrants that might not be here in the US legally.

I have just one thing to recommend to those of you taking the day off- get in line early at your local Immigration and Naturalization Service office. I bet the offices open by 8 AM, so get there early for a place in line close to the front.

If you get done early, there might still be time for any picnic, march or demonstration you might want to participate in. If you don't see the INS first, I don't want to hear about anything else.

Finally, I'll bet there is already a National Anthem that is always sung in Spanish. If you need to sing an anthem praising a country's heritage in Spanish, pick one that was written in Spanish. This country's anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, is sung in English. Learn the English and sing the song or leave it alone!

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